9 Mouth Watering Indian Snacks Which are a Must Have in a Wedding

Planning a wedding in India is quite a daunting task because it involves a lot of management and decision making. Yes! You heard it right decision making. Like, deciding and agreeing upon the venue, lighting, band-wala and the most important thing i.e. food menu.

A wedding is an incomplete affair without a properly planned and executed menu after all 9 out of every 10 guests visit a wedding to enjoy the delicious buffet. A basic buffet menu of any Indian wedding is made up of mocktails, shakes, finger-food starters, snack stalls, main course, and desserts. And this adds up to a lot of food items which in-turn has a direct effect on the wedding budget. Hence deciding a proper and balanced food menu calls for meticulous planning.

To help you set a proper and synchronized menu, we bring a list of 9 Indian snacks which are a hit among wedding these days.

  • Gol Gappa: No longer just an Indian street favorite, gol-gappas or also called as puchkas are a hit among all the ages. This yummilicious water and potato masala filled balls attract a lot of crowd at a wedding. These days, the caterers have come up with different flavors of water like khatta, khatta-meetha, heeng, mirchi, pudina etc.
  • Paneer Chilla: Who doesn’t love a chilla? This Indian style of savory pan-cake is made up of besan batter and is usually filled with grated paneer (which is mixed with chopped tomatoes, green chili, red chili, salt, and lemon juice).
  • Pao Bhaji: We owe a big thank you to Mumbai for giving us this finger licking good bhaji and butterlicious pao bread. Adding this dish to the wedding menu will bring a 1000-watt smile to the guests face. But yeah take care that for some people (mostly elderly clan) who do not eat onion and garlic, you need to have an alternative available.
  • Paneer Tikka: The charcoal smoky flavor of marinated paneer and vegetables cooked over open fire-pit bring water in everyone’s mouth. If your wedding is scheduled to take place during winters then paneer tikka is a must have item.
  • Chicken Tikka: Similar to the above, a chicken tikka is a love for all the non-vegetarians. Tender pieces of marinated chicken are cooked in the open fire. Yummy na? Even the best wedding cateres in Bangalore recommend every couple to have this dish on the menu.
  • Mini Samosa: Mini Samosas are very famous as a finger-food and these are best served in the sitting area where guests are enjoying the marriage or sangeet functions. There are also different varieties of samosas available like potato filling or Chinese style chowmein filled samosas.
  • Aaloo Tikiya: Another Indian street favorite of everyone, be it a 10 or 60-year-old. There are different versions of tikiya which can be served as the one with only chutney (sweet and sour) and one with cholas as well.
  • Idli/ Vada Sambhar: South-Indian food is like a blessing for all the Indians and also a super hit in weddings. Serving south-Indian cuisine in weddings is not a very common practice and this adds to the charm of this dish. Again a very great choice for weddings taking place during winters.
  • Chicken Lollipop: Well children love lollipop candy and adults love chicken lollipop. This dish consists of a bone piece of chicken where the meat is pushed towards the top. This creates a lollipop type of shape and this is marinated in a curd based spicy mix for hours and then cooked over charcoal fire. One word to describe Chicken Lollipop is delicious!

The only task left for you to do now is to book the food caterer and finalize the wedding menu. Make sure you include at least 2-3 dishes from the above options. You can book the best food caterer in your city by visiting https://www.shaadidukaan.com which is India’s favorite online wedding market.