How to look after your sexual health

One of the key things to do in your life is look after your health. Within this, your sexual health is absolutely vital. Keeping in good sexual health will not only prevent you from getting serious diseases such as HIV, syphilis or gonorrhea but will also stop you giving it to others by mistake. With around 20 million people in the US alone being infected with sexually transmitted diseases, this is an issue that you need to be aware of.

Ways to protect your sexual health

What can you do if you want to look after your sexual health properly? Here are some great pieces of advice:

  • Always use protection – one great piece of advice is to always use protection when having sexual relations with another person. The simplest and most common way is for the man to wear a condom as this will help protect both partners from STDs being passed between them.
  • Avoid promiscuity – to help stay in the best sexual health, try not to be overly promiscuous. While it is only natural to begin sexual relations when in an established relationship, sleeping with many different people regularly only increases your chances of picking up an STD. Choose very carefully who you may have sexual relations with – after all, the best way to avoid any STI or STD is to not have sex at all!
  • Make sure that you know your partner’s sexual history – another great tip is to be aware of the sexual history of who you may be planning to sleep with. While you cannot know everything in great detail, you should be aware if they have been sexually active with many people in the recent past or have any sexual diseases that you should know about. If they have, then you may want to avoid them and preserve your sexual health.
  • Get educated – to really take control of keeping your sexual health in top shape, arm yourself with knowledge. Find out what the major diseases are that you could catch, their symptoms, how long they last, and how they should be treated.

Getting tested

The great news for keeping a check on your sexual health is that all known STD types can be detected via STD testing. For many people though, going to the doctor can be embarrassing for this type of problem. Many people will take advantage of the online testing kits that you can order now to test for a whole range of STDs. This means that you can easily and confidentially get tested and get treatment if you think that you may have an STD or just want to check to be sure.

Sexual health is crucial

It really is no overstatement to say that you must look after your sexual health. While it can sometimes seem boring or easy to forget about in the heat of the moment, this is a massive mistake. Take the time to do all you can to stay safe, and get tested if you think you may have an issue. The online testing kits that you can order now allow you to do this confidentially but still pick up any STD early to get it treated.