Three Things To Understand About H2A Work Visas

Hundreds of thousands of temporary workers are welcomed to the United States’ field of agriculture to help fulfill the demands of large farms across the nation. Agricultural work is no easy task. Since most Americans who seek employment can find both permanent job placement and higher-paying jobs than what seasonal agricultural work offers, they often aren’t interested in seasonal agricultural work. Further, because seasonal agricultural work is much more demanding than most jobs available to average American citizens, many large-scale agricultural operations seek out temporary field workers from Mexico to fulfill their needs. In order to bring in seasonal workers from Mexico, employers must file for and successfully receive H2A work visas. Here are the most important tidbits of information related to H2A work visas.

Agriculural Employers Must Foresee Shortages Of Labor

These shortages of labor must be of a seasonal or temporary nature. Groups of agricultural employers can also file for H2A work visas to fulfill their needs.

Wages Paid To H2A Seasonal Agricultural Workers Must Adhere To Minimum Wage Rules

In the United States, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour of work. Across the nation, certain states maintain their own minimum wage laws. All agricultural workers brought to the United States to perform seasonal or temporary work via H2A work visas must be paid according to these laws. Most of them don’t receive a penny above minimum wage since so many migrants are willing to work for bottom-dollar.

Employers Must Feed, House, And Transport H2A Agricultural Workers

Some people, almost all of whom are Mexicans, live close enough to agricultural operations in bordering states to travel back to their places of residence each day. However, most of them travel tens or hundreds of miles to their places of work. Agricultural employers who have H2A help must transport these workers to and from work on a daily basis. Further, they’re required to feed and house them.

Understanding the ins and outs of applying for H2A work visas and satisfying their requirements is difficult. That’s why so many agricultural employers seek out help from a top-notch H2A employment agency like us.